NHL 2K10 (Playstation 3)

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NHL 2K10 returns to the rink with revamped visuals, rewritten artificial intelligence, and redesigned multiplayer features. A new skating system has been included on defense to complement such details as incidental contact, stick lifts, stumble shots, and more. New rink introductions, goal celebrations, and player models are just a few of the notable changes to the presentation, but one aspect that remains the same is the commentary team of Randy Hahn and Drew Remenda. Franchise play returns with a new free agency system, financial model, support for fantasy drafts, dynamic player progression, and tools for easier roster management. Play a franchise season game cooperatively with a friend (online and off), or create a team with custom uniforms. Track your online accomplishments and progress with "My Player Card," and upload your franchise's stats and standings to your own web page at 2KSports.com.