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Publisher 2K Sports continues its hockey series exclusively on the Wii with an entirely new game mode and an emphasis on sharper controls in NHL 2K11. Fully optimized for use with the Wii MotionPlus accessory, NHL 2K11 features true one-to-one maneuvers, allowing gamers to execute shots, dekes, poke checks, new "Superstar Moves" and even juggle pucks in real-time. A fully featured "Franchise" mode offer realistic hockey action for simulation fans, while the new "Road to the Cup" mode lets multiplayer fans send their "Miis" to the ice for a variety of mini-games. Players spin a large wheel that determines in which mini-game they will compete, with spaces on the wheel for single-player action, multiplayer competition, mini-rink games, trivia, and boosts or reductions in fans. The ultimate goal is to gain as many fans across the continent as possible before competing in a final free-for-all. NHL 2K11 has also undergone a graphical overhaul, including more detailed jerseys, equipment, and arenas.