NHL 2K7 (Xbox)

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Glide around on the ice and give your opponent a nice, friendly check in NHL 2K7. This year's game features an improved skating engine that enhances offensive and defensive controls, including gliding, turning, stopping, and an overall adjustment of movement on the ice. Advancements made in "ProControl" let you execute drop passes, set up plays on the go, and create scoring opportunities that catch the goalie off guard.

Developers have also added tactical elements to the game's "Pressure Control" system that allow you to instruct teammates to defend opposing players with varying degrees of intensity. For example, you may instruct a teammate to shadow a selected opponent, or deliver a big check.

Other improvements include a default camera that is lower, allowing you to see more of the action on the ice, such as spotting an open man to make a pass or keeping your eye on the entire offensive line. A new rivalry system gives your team emotions that vary between wins and losses, and in fights against opposing squads. NHL 2K7 also revisits favorite features, such as the "Skybox," air hockey, and "Party" mode.