NHL 2K8 (Xbox 360)

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The third installment of Take Two's NHL 2K series on Xbox 360 features completely remodeled player graphics, updated faces, and even new player-specific equipment -- all part of the developer's effort to showcase "next-gen" visuals. While the presentation is the most obvious change in NHL 2K8, a number of other enhancements are included. The goaltending AI of previous games has been scrapped in favor of a new system that incorporates more dynamic, situation-specific behaviors instead of predictable, pre-defined routines. The animations have changed accordingly, as goalies now guard the post, perform dramatic butterfly saves, leave the crease to challenge puck handlers, and more.

Other significant features include a revamped control scheme built around the right analog stick, a different face-off system, and a franchise mode with added layers of depth. Waivers, two-way contracts, salary caps, holdouts, free agents, a player progression system, and an improved off-season are just a few of the details would-be GMs must deal with. All other game modes from previous titles are available in NHL 2K8, from the option to create custom athletes to competing online via Xbox Live. Online players have a special incentive to show off their hockey skills: by entering the official Dodge-sponsored NHL 2K8 tournament, players can win a new car.