NHL Faceoff 98 (PS1)

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Product Information
NHL FaceOff 98 features all-new 3D polygon players with motion-captured animation to allow for celebrations, multiple checks on defense, and goalie butterfly, kick and glove saves. Offensive moves include wrist shots, slapshots, one-timers, redirected shots and even wraparounds. Also new is the ability to use the analog controller to allow for smoother skating and passing. Game modes returning from the first two titles include Practice, Exhibition, Season, Playoffs and Best-of-Seven Playoffs.

Twenty-six NHL teams along with over 600 real players are in the game, with ratings based on the 1996-97 season. Stat tracking is available for player, team and league leaders, and trades, created players and line changes can all be saved to memory card as well. Other notable additions to the popular series include: Manual Player Switching so you can play offense without the puck (and call for a computer-controlled pass); adjustable game speed; customized offensive strategies; and new arenas with shaking glass and goal lights. If the three difficulty levels aren't enough, call up seven other friends and play simultaneously with two Multi-Taps!