Night At The Museum Battle Of The Smithsonian (Nintendo DS)

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Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian -- The Video Game follows the story of the concurrently released film and features Larry Daley, as portrayed by Ben Stiller, in the lead role. Players take control of Larry, former security guard at New York's Museum of Natural History, as he heads to the nation's capital to aid a friend. As in the original Night at the Museum film, Larry is witness to museum exhibits that come to life at night. The miniature cowboy Jebediah has been sent to the Smithsonian archives, along with other exhibits from New York. He needs Larry's help to keep a band of history's most notorious conquerors from taking over the Smithsonian (and then -- the world!). Celebrating the great scope of the Smithsonian Institute, players can explore, adventure, and solve platform puzzles through 14 varied levels that include the Federal Archives, the National Air and Space Museum, and the Lincoln Memorial. The game's presentation includes trivia questions, factoids, and an audio tour of museum highlights along the way.