Nightmare Before Christmas (Xbox)

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"What's this? What's this?" Tim Burton's stop-motion animated movie starring Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King of Halloweentown, is now a 3D game thanks to the collaborative efforts of Buena Vista Interactive and Japanese developer Capcom. Players will control the scheming skeleton as they begin the task of freeing Halloweentown from the dastardly Oogie Boogie, who has captured Jack's beloved Sally. Featuring elements of comedy, horror, and even dancing musical numbers, Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas promises to be an experience like no other on Xbox. Though the movie was released in 1993, Buena Vista Interactive credits the popularity of Kingdom Hearts, which featured The Nightmare Before Christmas and other Disney films as worlds to explore, for the decision to go ahead with the first "full" video game based on the film.