Ninja Gaiden II(Xbox 360)

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Product Information
Strong, silent Ryu Hayabusa sharpens his sword for another acrobatic adventure through deadly environments in this exclusive sequel on Xbox 360. The action once again takes place from a third-person perspective set behind the nimble ninja, with highly cinematic showdowns taking place amidst exotic locales. Acclaimed designer Tomonobu Itagaki has altered the original title's fast-paced combat system to incorporate new weapons, attacks, and special finishing moves called "obliteration techniques."

In an attempt to appease those who thought the original game was too challenging, the developers have included an automatic health regeneration system and a choice of four difficulty levels, ranging from "acolyte" to "master ninja." The all-new story mode follows Ryu in his trek from Tokyo to New York to a demon-populated netherworld. While the game is still strictly a single-player experience, Xbox Live subscribers will be able to record, modify, and post film clips of their most manic maneuvers for the online world to enjoy.