Ninja Gaiden - Sigma (Playstation 3)

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Master ninja Ryu Hayabusa somersaults and springs onto PlayStation 3 in this enhanced remake of 2004's Ninja Gaiden on Xbox and its remixed successor, Ninja Gaiden Black. For its PS3 debut, the game has undergone a visual makeover with a higher polygon count, refined textures, new animations, and retooled special effects such as improved lighting and shadows. Hyabusa can also wield twin katanas for the first time, offering a new twist to the fast-paced, blood-soaked, athletic action. Perhaps the most intriguing addition for Gaiden veterans is the addition of a new playable character in Rachel, who was previously seen in cut-scenes from the Xbox original.

The suggestively costumed Rachel swings a heavy war hammer and features different moves than Hyabusa, giving players a new way to approach combat during the specific stages in which she's available. Play options include a cinematic story mode divided into chapters and a mission mode featuring specific action-packed scenarios. The motion-sensing functionality of the Sixaxis controller is supported and lets players shake the controller to activate certain special moves. The karma rating system introduced in 2005's Ninja Gaiden Black is also available in Sigma, rewarding those who finish off enemies in style with a skill ranking at the end of each chapter.