Oddworld Munch's Oddysee (Xbox) !!!

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This third release in the unique series of Oddworld adventure games adds a new dimension as it finds comes to a new platform. The fully-3D Xbox rendition of the surrealistic Oddworld is populated by many strange creatures and contraptions, some familiar to veterans of earlier games and some never seen before. While previous protagonist Abe is a major character in the game, he's joined by the aqua-oriented, high-velocity wheelchair pilot Munch in a struggle against the sadistically scientific Vykkers and the greedy corporate Glukkons. Though they don't always get along, the duo must work together as a team to overcome many obstacles that neither character could conquer on his own.

In this escapade, the hero Munch can use a special power to take control of mechanical devices, while the more athletically inclined Abe has the ability to possess different creatures that the two meet along the way. Though Munch rides in his wheelchair as the pair travels cross-country, he is an excellent swimmer and excels when the adventure leads to a body of water. While players can enjoy this title for its challenging missions and the action of its gameplay, the game is designed with a level of reticulated detail intended to create a dynamic, living world full of quirky events and subtle nuances, making thorough exploration and free-form interaction a worthy experience in its own right.