Olympic Summer Games Atlanta 96

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Go for the Gold in this multi-sport release based on the 1996 Atlanta Centennial Olympic Games. Like earlier video games representing such sports, including the Konami arcade classic Track & Field, the control scheme is based on rapidly pressing two or three buttons to make the onscreen athletes perform.

Many field events are featured in Olympic Summer Games, such as Javelin, Discus, Long Jump, High Jump, and even Pole Vault. Track events like the 100 Meter and 400 Meter races are included too. Hand-eye coordination is tested in Rapid Fire Pistol, Skeet Shooting, and Archery. Events such as Weight Lifting, Fencing and 100 Meter Crawl Swimming round out the collection.

Each event can be played in "Olympic" or "Arcade" modes, and a "Practice" mode is available as well. Up to eight players can compete together, provided enough Multi-Taps and gamepads.