Open Season (Playstation 2)

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When city bear Boog is led into the forest by a mule deer named Elliot, it becomes Open Season for any unlucky hunters who happen to cross the bears path. Raised by Beth the park ranger, Boog is not used to living in the wild, and must tap into his instinctual abilities to make it back to Beth's garage in one piece. Players will guide Boog and Elliot through the forest using their environment to scare hunters away before they make a rug out of Boog's domesticated hide.

Players may throw skunk bombs, hurl rabbits, enlist squirrels to fire acorns at their foes, and perform many other pranks that will have the hunters headed for the hills. Gamers can play alone or challenge friends to compete or cooperate in a variety of mini-games such as rolling in a giant snowball, riding rapids on a floating outhouse, taking a nice leisurely mine cart ride, and more.