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As the title implies, Outlaw Golf is a non-traditional approach to the sport, with over-the-top characters and offbeat courses. Each of the ten featured characters comes with his or her own personal caddy who can be beaten with a club if a particular shot doesn't go off as planned. Three featured courses consist of an urban setting in Newark, a desert in Nevada, and an alligator-infested swampland. An analog-controlled swing meter is used to determine a shot's power and accuracy as players adjust for both the wind and ball lie.

The "Composure Response System" used in the developer's earlier Amateur League Golf has been implemented in this title as well. Missing shots makes the game harder to control until composure is regained, which is accomplished by avoiding slices or hooks or by taking a few swipes at the caddy. Game modes include Exhibition, Tour Mode, and Outlaw Range. Exhibition offers the following eight styles of play: Stroke, Match, Skins, Best Ball, Scramble, My One and Only (one club and a putter), Casino, and Time Attack.

Tour Mode consists of 30 different events across the three courses. By completing the scenarios, players can unlock more characters, clubs, and golf balls. Outlaw Range offers players an opportunity to improve their character's abilities in distance, accuracy, composure, and control by competing in 12 games. Winning a game earns players points, which can be allocated to whichever attribute is desired. Up to four players can alternate turns using such characters as Ice Trey, Harley, Doc Diggler, El Suave, and others consisting of former strippers, convicts, and rappers.