Over the Hedge (GameCube)

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  • Based loosely on the DreamWorks computer-animated film, Over the Hedge blends movie moments with new adventures, offering fans the chance to play as RJ the Raccoon, Verne the Turtle, Hammy the Squirrel, or Stella the Skunk. A suburban neighborhood sets the scene, wherein single and co-op mode players will guide the furry foursome through more than 30 mission-filled levels, including locations not seen in the film such as the Exterminator's Lab, the Sewers, and the Wild Western Theme Park.

    During play, gamers can instantly switch between characters to utilize their special skills -- RJ's "Golf Ball Barrage," Verne's "Spinning Shell Attack," Hammy's "Hammy Time," and Stella's (what else) "Stink Attack" -- as they attempt to free "captured" animals and steal food from humans. By unlocking and completing puzzles and mini-games such as "Golf Cart Derby," "RC Car Racing," and "Suburban Mini Golf," players earn energy-filled snacks or powered-up weapons, sure to have the virtual residents saying, "there goes the neighborhood."