Overlord Raising Hell (Playstation 3)

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Something like an unholy combination of Bullfrog's PC classic Dungeon Keeper and Miyamoto's innovative Pikmin, Overlord is a real-time strategy game that plays like a third-person action game. Players take control of the titular administrator of agony, who travels through the world of the living with a posse of imp-like minions. Different minions are best suited to different environments, such as water, fire, or poison, or to different actions, such as combat. To accomplish a task, such as moving an obstruction or attacking an enemy, the Overlord issues simple commands to his minions, who then swarm gleefully about until the job is accomplished (or they all are destroyed). Some puzzles and other in-game goals are labeled with colored number that indicate the type and quantity of minions required to accomplish them. The game's expansion material (available separately on Xbox 360 and PC through digital distribution) includes additional levels and challenge types. Online multiplayer games are supported, for both cooperative and competitive Overlords.