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Gamers join a squad of heroes and battle one another on a near-future Earth in Overwatch. A robot uprising led to a global crisis that was quashed by the Overwatch heroes, but as time passed the Overwatch lost influence and disbanded. When a new threat appears the old heroes are called back in as gamers lead squads of six through battles across maps based on real-world locations like Russia, Japan, and ancient Egypt. Players can choose from more than 20 characters spread across the Offense, Defense, Tank, and Support classes, and then take on the Assault, Escort, or Control game modes.

Characters include a cyborg ninja, a teleporting adventurer, a former pro gamer who pilots a mech, and a super intelligent gorilla, and each offers a primary weapon, a melee attack, and an ultimate ability. The Offense class is fast and deals high damage, but has lower hit points, while the Defense class can interrupt enemy attacks and fortify locations on a map. The Tank class is used to absorb damage and break through enemy lines, and the Support class can heal teammates, offer them better defensive stats, or increase their damage. Assault mode finds one team trying to capture two target points on a map and the other team defending, while Control mode finds both teams fighting over one target point, and Escort mode involves one team delivering a payload to a specific point and the other team trying to prevent it from reaching its destination.

This Origins Edition includes the full game as well as five Overwatch hero skins, the hero character Tracer, a baby Winston pet for World of Warcraft, a Hearthstone card pack, the Mercy's wings outfit for Diablo III, and in-game portraits for StarCraft II.