Pandora's Tower.

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In Pandora's Tower, players take control of a young man named Aeron as he goes on an epic journey to help save his cursed love Elena, who is slowly turning into a monster, and can only be cured by eating the flesh of 13 different beasts. The creatures serve as boss characters and are located in towers that are attached to chains suspended over a giant chasm in the ground. Aeron primary method of attack is the Oraclos Chain -- given to him by the mysterious merchant Mavda -- that he also uses to collect items, solve puzzles, and grapple his way across gaps and up walls.

The action is presented from a third-person perspective as players explore the 3D tower environments, examining different features, collecting an assortment of items, and engaging in hack-and-slash combat with Aeron's chain, sword, and other weapons. A meter at the bottom of the screen indicates how much time Elena has until she completely turns into a monster, and if gamers can't kill each tower's main beast in time, they must settle for staving off the curse with the flesh of lesser servant creatures. Much of the challenge comes from finding shortcuts to get through the towers as quickly as possible.

Part of the story is revealed each time players return to the Observatory to offer beast flesh to Elena. Gamers can also increase their bond with Elena by giving her gifts and talking to her about a variety of topics, and the bond they form plays a major role in the ending they ultimately see. The Observatory also serves as a hub where Aeron can store items, use looted material to upgrade his weapons, and consult Mavda for trades and repairs.