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After he is kidnapped by Robotix, Tommy's Pet Alien must help his owner get back home. Gamers take the role of four friendly green men and utilize their special powers to overcome obstacles, solve puzzles and defeat five bosses. Players lead Dinko, Gumpers, Swanky, Flip, and Scruffy through the commando bridge, hangar, laboratory, and engine room in 80 levels of play as they defeat enemies including frogs, turtles, spiders, bugs, and flies. On the lighter side, gamers can train and improve each pet by completing such pet specific mini-activities as Burp'n'Fart with Gumpers, Daydream with Flip, and Slurp-Attack with Scruffy. The game is based on a television series centered on Tommy and his alien pets. The show airs in over 50 countries.