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Ubisoft's Petz: Catz 2 on PlayStation 2 features more than 40 breeds to adopt and over 60 activities to complete with your feline companion. Instead of just rearing your prized kitten, the game features an adventure element with a fanciful storyline: a troublemaking wolf has pilfered a magic hat and is causing mischief on a peaceful island. The goal is to defeat the wolf and restore order in the world by completing various tasks, such as pushing objects, planting flowers, catching fish, or "throwing" rocks to stun enemies. Of course, those who simply want to interact with their cat can do so in a number of ways. As in previous games in Ubisoft's popular Petz series, Catz 2 supports an array of clothing, toys, and accessories to customize your kitten. Witch hats, top hats, bows, glasses, neckties, ribbons, and other items are available to purchase. Racing and treasure-hunting mini-games are also included to play against a friend.