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Pictionary makes its Wii debut with the help of THQ's uDraw GameTablet peripheral. More than 3000 clues are available to challenge users across three modes of play: Pictionary Game Show, Pictionary Mania, and Free Draw. Inspired by the hit board game, itself a variant on charades, Pictionary has team members either drawing clues or trying to figure out a specific word being drawn by a teammate. Words consist of objects, people, actions, animals, places, and more. The game show variant features a 3D board, new drawing tools, and both adult and junior clues. Pictionary Mania replaces the board game's categories with various draw modes for a new twist on the action. Finally, Free Draw simply lets you doodle to your heart's content and share your results in a slideshow. The uDraw GameTablet, sold separately, is required to play Pictionary on Wii.