Pirates of the Caribbean At World's End (Wii)

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As the third installment in the series and based on the 2007 film, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End offers gamers an adventure that includes puzzle solving, exploration, and combat. Players navigate Jack, Elizabeth, and Will through a variety of environments including The Flying Dutchmen using the Wiimote as a weapon against the opposition. Gamers must slash their way through each level with light, heavy, and unlocked attacks. Players can also access "Jackanisms" and cause mischief by following the button prompts on the screen. Throughout the game, swashbucklers-in-training can unlock a variety of characters and replay levels with their chosen avatar. There are mini-games for single-players such as Liar's Dice, Texas Hold 'em-style poker, and Hearts, while competitive gamers may also battle each other through the multiplayer dueling option.