Planet Puzzle League.

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Product Information
Planet Puzzle League is an action puzzle game that involves flipping or sliding pairs of colored tiles to create matches of three or more. The primary objective is to clear the screen before the continuously falling tiles reach the top of the 6x12 playing field. This type of puzzle game is no stranger to Nintendo platforms, as the same underlying play mechanics have been featured in 1995's Tetris Attack on Super NES and 2000's Pokémon Puzzle League on Nintendo 64. The DS version distinguishes itself by including an option to use each screen's vertical orientation, with players holding the handheld like a book. The action takes place on the right, with the stylus or directional pad used to manipulate the tiles, while the left side displays the score, current level, difficulty, and overall time. Six single-player modes are available, as are three multiplayer modes supporting both local and Internet wireless connections.