Pokemon Black Version 2 (Nintendo DS) !!!

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The first true sequel for Nintendo's long-running and ultra-popular creature-breeding RPG franchise, Pokémon: Black Version 2 sends players back to the Unova region for more exploration, collection, and turn-based battling. Unova has changed drastically in the two years since the first game, with new towns to explore, new characters, and familiar friends in new roles. Gamers once again take on the role of a Pokémon trainer and travel around the world battling other trainers, interacting with Gym Leaders, and uncovering the mysteries of the Black Kyurem and White Kyurem. As was the case in the first Pokémon: Black Version, each Gym Leader controls a stable of themed Pokémon to be captured, with 300 total Pokémon in the game and 22 creatures exclusive to Pokémon: Black Version 2. New features include the Pokémon World Tournament, where players can battle every Gym Leader in a variety of modes, the Hollywood-like Pokéstar Studios, where gamers can make Pokémon films, and the Challenge and Assist modes that raise or lower the strength of rival trainers. Pokémon: Black Version 2 is compatible with its co-release Pokémon: White Version 2, as well as their predecessors Pokémon: Black Version and Pokémon: White Version. Gamers who also own a 3DS can download the new Pokédex 3D Pro and play Pokémon Dream Radar to capture Pokémon in the real world using the system's augmented reality function.