Portal 2 (Playstation 3*)

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Portal's puzzles are back with new adventures and gameplay options, adding more twists and turns than ever before. Former test subject Chell is trapped in the Aperture Science facility, controlled by artificial intelligence nemesis GLaDOS. Portal 2 takes first-person shooting to a new level, thanks to the Aperture Science hand-held device, which allows players to clear temporary passages through solid surfaces. Tractor beams and special gels for propulsion and repulsion make play quick paced and exciting. In addition to Chell, Portal's second chapter features several returning characters, as well as several new ones. But, it is Portal 2's engrossing storyline that is at the core of its gameplay, which incorporates physics to solve challenges and puzzles. New to this entry is the multiplayer capability, which features its own separate story, gameplay, and characters. Rated E10+, Portal 2 is appropriate for players 10 years old and up.