Portal Runner (Playstation 2)

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Though she made her name fighting alongside Sarge and the "Greens" in 3DO's Army Men series, the able Vikki Grimm strikes out on a new adventure all her own in Portal Runner. Vikki is not completely alone as she ventures forth into new territory, as she is joined by Leo, a powerful lion who serves as her loyal companion. While Vikki is artful with her bow and dangerous in ranged combat, Leo is nearly unstoppable in hand-to-hand skirmishes. The skills and abilities of both characters will be crucial as they adventure ahead together.

The action in Portal Runner is viewed from a third-person perspective and is reminiscent of other 3D platform shooters, though gameplay also involves fast-scrolling escapes, puzzle solving, and even role-playing. Players will take control of Leo from time to time, entering into close combat as the ferocious feline. Vikki will have to keep track of Leo's temper, soothing her friend if he becomes too upset.

The nefarious Brigitte Blue has had her plans foiled by Vikki in the past, so she has devised a trap to capture the Green heroine and stop her meddling once and for all. Tricking Vikki into investigating a bogus story, Brigitte sends the heroine through a strange portal to another world. Once Vikki is out of the way Brigitte hopes she'll be able to subvert Sarge himself, tricking the noble hero with her wily ways. Don't count Vikki out yet, though. She and Leo must adventure through a variety of dangerous and fascinating environments to make their way home, stop Brigitte, and save Sarge before it is all too late.