Power Drome (Playstation 2)

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This futuristic racer from Mud Duck features contests of nearly inconceivable speed, with an assortment of supersonic "blade" vehicles that can push 1,000 miles per hour. The over-the-top action is matched with a selection of exaggerated characters, "from de-commissioned war droids to spoiled rich kids," giving each vehicle-driver combination its own distinct personality. In addition to competing on a number sanctioned tracks, players can also take to the streets for some "illegal" racing. Tricks are a part of the game as well, but pushing a "blade" racing vehicle beyond its driver's limits may result in a demonstration of the game's real-time damage modeling -- buckled panels, broken hydraulics, smoking engines, and worse can result from minor miscalculations at mach 1.3. Powerdrome supports multiplayer racing, both on the PlayStation 2 and through Microsoft's Xbox Live service.