Prince of Persia - Rival Swords.

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Sony fans who missed 2005's Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones on PlayStation 2 now have another chance to experience the third chapter of the critically acclaimed saga with this PSP version. As in the PS2 title, players will control both a good and evil Prince, each possessing distinct combat moves, personalities, and backgrounds. The exotic setting for this installment is Babylon, where players will test their character's agility and fighting prowess by leaping across rooftops, battling inside palaces, weaving through bustling streets, and exploring underground passages.

Exclusive to the PSP game are additional levels and Ad-hoc wireless support for multiplayer action. Friends can compete against each other in timed, head-to-head races that involve flipping switches to impede a rival's progress. New chariot battles have also been included, which are now playable directly from the menu screen. As in its console predecessors, the main game combines platform jumping, fast-paced, freeform combat, and story-driven puzzles in a cinematic adventure filled with plot twists and intrigue. The ability to manipulate time is once again an integral part of the gameplay, allowing players to slow down or even rewind events to defeat enemies and to complete objectives.