Prince of Persia - The Two Thrones (Game Cube)

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  • The third title in the Prince of Persia series' 128bit generation revival, The Two Thrones offers action gamers a chance to play two different personifications of the noble young Babylonian. In the role of the good Prince, familiar from recent adventures, players will use agility, speed, and cunning to outfight and outwit enemies across the expansive, freely roamed city. Through the great struggles he has faced, however, a more vicious, unforgiving side of the Prince has developed from deep within his psyche, and it may no longer be contained. Players will also control this "Dark Prince," a bitter warrior of deadly efficiency, with a completely different set of fighting moves and abilities.

    Set after the events of Warrior Within, the game begins as the Prince returns home from his trying ordeal on the Island of Time, accompanied by his love, Kaileena. When the two arrive in their homeland they find it in turmoil, devastated by an ongoing war. The kingdom no longer looks to the Prince as its ruler. To the contrary, the people of the land now consider him a criminal, and arrest him almost immediately. In a last desperate act to save her betrothed, Kaileena sacrifices herself to release the mystical powers of the Sands of Time, allowing the Prince to use their magic to escape his captors, but also unleashing his vengeful Dark side.