Pro Pinball Big Race USA (PS1)

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Product Information
The stars are all cars in this game but the action doesn't take place along a track. This is a pinball title and you've got to make it across the country for your shot at winning in the Big Race!

Pro Pinball: Big Race USA is primarily a single-player game. It is designed to be a simulation modeled after authentic pinball machines. A head-to-head option of play is also available, however, but you'll need two separate consoles and two different Big Race USA discs. You'll also need a link cable to connect the two consoles.

The term "Pro Pinball" isn't used lightly in Big Race USA. You can adjust the table view three different ways, examine the table up close, view a slide show, change table rules, difficulty level, adjust screen position, and even tweak the graphics and sound! When you examine the table up-close you can view any part of it in detail. Viewing a slide show allows you to see several parts of the table in clockwise order.

Difficulty levels of Big Race USA can be set at Extra Easy, Easy, Medium, Hard, or Extra Hard. A custom difficulty level also exists in which you can adjust the settings of the game to provide your own new challenges. All the features that you can adjust on a real pinball machine are also available in this game. You can fine-tune this game just as a real pinball operator would!

Pro-Pinball: Big Race USA also has a feature where you can log your high scores onto the Internet. If high prices and space problems have caused you to ignore buying a pinball machine of your own, you just might want to consider Pro-Pinball: Big Race USA.