Pro Pinball Fantastic Journey (Playstation 1)

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Product Information
Empire Entertainment's Pro-Pinball simulates a fictional, futuristic pinball table known as The Web. Taking advantage of the PlayStation's 3D capabilities, the table is decorated with blue webbing and features multicolored lights, a guitar, three bumpers, an assortment of targets and ramps and a video screen that allows you to play a brief video game.

There are several missions located throughout The Web, all of which having a different purpose; obtainable after completing every mission objective, the Ultimate Showdown has you controlling six balls while trying to kill a beastly opponent and the Fast Frenzy has you hitting certain ramps for extra balls. Likewise, the Space Station Frenzy will have you destroying all targets aboard the light dock and the Skill Shot requires you to aim for a spider -- hit it and you'll rack up a large point bonus! There's also an arena with power levels and various racing challenges.

If you're planning on making it to the Ultimate Showdown, you'll want to master combinations and do anything it takes to increase your point total. A combination shot involves a single ball orbiting a ramp or loop; if the ball circles a loop three times, you're awarded with a Triple Combo and more points. Additionally, the manual outlines each mission objective and what you can do to complete it.

Pro-Pinball also has two graphics options including sharp or soft focus, a transparent and solid dot-matrix view, a slideshow that displays various angles of The Web and an alternating four-player capability. You can also view the action from six distinctive camera angles and nudge and shake the table.