Prototype 2.

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Prototype 2 follows the violent, vengeance-filled adventures of Sgt. James Heller, whose genetic makeup was forever altered during the events of the first game. The city that used to be New York is now a dangerous, militarized wasteland. The game features an open world divided into three zones, each with enemies to battle and obstacles to overcome. Use Heller's mutant powers to cause chaos and destruction wherever you decide to travel. As he becomes more proficient in combat, he learns new ways to improve his movement, attacks, and disguises. As with the previous game, players leap from buildings, run up walls, use vehicles as springboards, and more as the entire city becomes their personal battleground. The Radnet Edition for PS3 is designed to reward players who buy new copies of the game, offering a one-time-use code that allows for access to special challenges, unique mutations, leaderboards, avatars, and dynamic themes.