Quake 4 (Xbox 360*)

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The forces of Earth take the offensive in Quake IV, in an effort to eliminate the Strogg menace at its source, once and for all. The fourth edition of id's popular first-person shooter returns to its roots, to offer single-players an extensive adventure in the role of a soldier named Matthew Kane. Ultimately, Kane may be called upon to sacrifice a bit of his humanness, for the sake of humanity's ultimate victory.

While boasting substantial graphical and audio improvements as well, significant refinements to the A.I., the single-player portion of Quake IV holds true to the originals, and the story picks up where Quake II left off. The Xbox Live multiplayer modes of Quake IV should feel much more reminiscent of Quake III, with their large weapon selection, diverse battle arenas, and intense, kill-or-be-killed gunplay.