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Players are invited to seek out the differences found in a variety of single- and multiplayer modes in QuickSpot. Working their way through the solo games, players can attempt three modes of play including "Rapid Play," where gamers are challenged to complete all ten stages and the boss levels; "Focus," that requires players to spot the ten differences in each of the 140 different pictures; and "Today's Fortune," which gives gamers their daily horoscope in such areas as romance, study, health, and money. Playing with friends, gamers can compete in three multiplayer modes such as "Time Bomb," "Scramble," and "Download Play." Up to eight players can gather around a single DS system and take turns in "Time Bomb," although multiple systems are required for "Scramble" and "Download Play." QuickSpot is based on a Japanese release called Machigai Museum and features images from classic Namco games.