Rainbow Six Critical Hour (Xbox)

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An Xbox exclusive for 2003, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3 continues the squad-based shooter series with 14 new single-player missions, nine multiplayer maps, and over 30 weapons. Instead of porting the PC's Raven Shield, the developers at Ubi Soft Montreal opted instead to create an original release designed specifically for the console. Players control Team RAINBOW's Ding Chavez throughout the entire solo campaign, commanding fellow agents Louis Loiselle, Dieter Weber, and Eddie Price. Players will issue orders to teammates, such as tossing a flash grenade into a room after opening a door, using the directional pad. The available list of commands varies depending on the situation at hand.

Rainbow Six 3 for Xbox does away with the planning phase found in the PC version of the game, but the 3D engine still uses Epic Games Inc.'s Unreal technology for dynamic lighting effects and "soft body" physics. Multiplayer action is available via Xbox Live, including voice recognition support for issuing commands as an alternative to using the menus. All 14 levels in the single-player campaign can be played cooperatively with three other friends, while deathmatches and other competitive formats support up to 16 players at once. Downloadable content is also supported for additional maps, levels, or other features. Rainbow Six 3 also features Dolby Digital 5.1 audio to help immerse players into the real-world locales featured in the game.