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Released alongside the Paramount Pictures computer-animated film, Rango for Wii is a mixed action-adventure game that puts players in the role of the imaginative lizard who decides to become a sheriff in the Wild West. Play involves platform-style environmental puzzles, driving sequences aboard a speedy roadrunner mount or flying bat, and gun-slinging shoot-outs, including special "golden bullet" challenges that reward precision and quick thinking. The action is set in and around the frontier town of Dirt, where a strong-willed farmer named Beans needs help restoring the water supply and rescuing her kidnapped father. Rango's missions play out in familiar places around the town, as well as in new locations inspired by the film. The local rodent outlaws pose plenty of adversity for the greenhorn lizard, but some missions feature more fantastical opponents, such as zombies or extraterrestrial aliens. Developer Behaviour Interactive -- also known as Artificial Mind and Movement -- is a specialist in movie-based video games, with previous releases including Kung Fu Panda, Iron Man, Happy Feet, and others.