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Ratchet and Clank is an action game that focuses on the dynamic duo of Ratchet and his side-kick Clank. Ratchet is an animalistic human-like character called a Lombax. Clank is a quiet robot. This Sony PlayStation 2 video game exposes players to intergalactic environments where Ratchet and Clank will fight various sources of evil on a regular basis. In this action game, Chairman Drek is attempting to create a new planet for his people after theirs became polluted. Drek intends to steal pieces of other planets to create his own. Clank is slated to become a part for that new planet. Players of this PlayStation 2 video game will be able to purchase weapons after obtaining hidden Gold Bolt items. Players have the option of choosing from 35 weapons. There are approximately 20 levels of missions each one must be completed before moving onto the next one. This PlayStation 2 video game is rated E for Everyone and features intelligent graphics and design.