Re-Volt (Playstation 1)

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Product Information
Throughout the years, Toy-Volt has developed some of the most realistic toys in the world. But it seems as though the company has gotten a little bit carried away this time. After all, its latest line of radio controlled (R/C) cars now have minds of their own! Flying off of the store shelves on which they were placed, these "toys" seem obsessed on racing each other in any environment they can find. And guess what? It's your job to help your favorite succeed.

In Re-Volt, choose from 25 R/C cars as you race your way through 13 tracks, including such locales as a neighborhood, a toy shop and a large ship called the Toytanic. Not all cars tracks are available at first, though, as the others must be unlocked by racing well in Championship Mode. Further, the tracks are also available in mirrored (everything is opposite), reversed (the track begins where it used to end) and reverse-mirrored (opposite and backward) fashions once you've proved worthy of experiencing such variations. And if those 52 paths aren't enough for you, create new ones with the Track Editor.

Though the four cars in each race usually tend to match up well, superior ones might hamper your progress from time to time -- but that's no reason you can't win! The great variety of pickups available allows you not only to increase your speed, but also to impede the progress of your competitors in a variety of less-than-sportsmanlike ways. For instance, you can knock them out of the way with a giant ball bearing, cause them to lose traction with an oil slick or flip them in the air with a powerful shockwave.

Re-Volt features six modes of gameplay including Practice, Single Race, Multi-Player and Time Trial. You can also play through four increasingly difficult tournaments in Championship Mode, accessing new tracks and cars as you progress. Finally, the Stunt Arena allows for the performance of a variety of fancy tricks on your way to collecting 20 hidden stars and unlocking a special game secret.