Real Heroes Firefighter (Wii)

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Product Information
Real Heroes: Firefighter puts gamers in the grimy yellow boots of rookie firefighter for nine flame-filled levels of intense first-person action. The narrative and gameplay unfold in much the same manner as many first-person shooters, except water hoses have replaced the guns, and flames take on the role of the villains. Missions involve more than dousing flames though, because fires often bring with them greater concerns, such as gas leaks and trapped civilians.

Real Heroes: Firefighter features Epicenter Studios' proprietary "Thinking Fire" technology, which was designed to mimic the unpredictable and destructive nature of real infernos, so gamers must remain quick on their feet to avoid finding themselves surrounded by flames or trapped in smoke-filled rooms. Fortunately, players can also extract themselves from such sticky situations by using their Wii Remote as a variety of other essential firefighting tools, including a hydraulic spreader, a circular saw, and the ever-important axe.