Red Steel (Wii)

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Product Information
Red Steel is a first-person shooter that combines gunfights and swordplay with the Wii's unique motion-sensing controls. After the Yakuza abducts an unnamed American's Japanese fianc�, he journeys into the heart of Japan's underworld to confront a crime syndicate boss and his well-armed minions. Players begin the game equipped with a pistol and a sword, both of which showcase the platform's unusual control scheme. Holding the Wii Remote like a firearm, players point the controller at the television screen and squeeze the trigger-like B button to shoot. More precise shots are accomplished by extending one's arm to zoom-in on targets, as players freely look around their environment, duck, or jump using the analog-based Nunchuk attachment.

Those who dispose of enemies with efficiency and precision are rewarded with "focus," a technique represented by a gauge, which lets players freeze time and isolate multiple targets before taking them all out in one John Woo-inspired finishing move. The game's Tokyo-based locales will take players through gardens, corporate offices, dojos, restaurants, gaming parlors, and crowded streets, each offering destructible elements such as aquariums, pachinko machines, cars, neon lights, and more. The goal in each setting is to work your way past armed thugs and onto boss duels involving swords rather than guns. Swordfights are approached in a slightly different manner, as attacks require specific, pre-defined motions instead of the sword responding to your real-time movements. Red Steel also includes support for up to four players in a variety of competitive game modes.