Resident Evil Outbreak (Playstation 2)

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Product Information
Resident Evil: Outbreak takes a turn from previous outings in the survival horror series by featuring a multiplayer online component. The narrative is broken down into chapters, allowing up to four players to experience the world of Resident Evil together for the first time. Players initially choose from a lineup of eight characters, six males and two females, who each possess distinct skills or techniques. Some characters may be proficient in a specific style of weapon, while others may be able to open locked doors more efficiently. The choice of characters becomes important since teamwork is often needed to advance through the zombie-filled office buildings, bars, subways, and dilapidated mansions in and around the cursed Raccoon City. One player, for example, may have to distract a group of zombies, while another works on picking a lock or solving a puzzle as quickly as possible. Resident Evil: Outbreak requires a broadband connection in order to play online, but the game also features a single-player mode for those brave enough to go it alone.