Resident Evil - Operation Raccoon City (Xbox 360*)

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Operation Raccoon City challenges squads of highly trained paramilitary specialists, with third-person shooting and tactical action that plays out in the tense, creepy environments of the influential survival horror series. The narrative looks back to the time of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3, with a fresh perspective. In the aftermath of the T-virus outbreak in September 1998, players take the roles of Umbrella Security soldiers, charged with clean-up and cover-up. Armed with the latest bio-organic weaponry, players engage in modern military operations of unilateral morality.

The difficulty of these operations increases exponentially, with the arrival of U.S. Special Forces agents to conduct their own investigations. As elite Umbrella operatives, players must eliminate any evidence of the biological disaster, including the monsters it spawned, as well as any survivors who may escape to expose the truth. Even as the action turns from single-player horror to squad-based shooting, the setting is replete with Resident Evil lore and apprehension-inducing play mechanics. Playing from the perspective of the "bad guys," gamers have an opportunity to rewrite Resident Evil history, by reversing an influential battle or eliminating a key character.

Traditional PvP and PvE elements blend in the games' multiplayer modes, as gamers must battle directly against the bloodthirsty zombie monsters that infest the title location, as well as against operatives on the opposing squad. A four-player co-op mode pits an Umbrella Security Service squad against computer-controlled zombies and government agents. Operation Raccoon City was developed by contemporary SOCOM designer, Slant Six Games, in collaboration with the series creator, Capcom.

The Best Buy exclusive includes a code to download two additional weapons and six costumes.