Roseo McQueen Firefighter Extreme (Playstation 1)

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Oh no, the world's tallest building is burning to the ground! Joined together with an army of horrific robot-like creatures, the diabolical Sylvester T. Square has set the Tower XS ablaze. The madman has also taken innocent hostages captive.

Players assume the role of Rosco McQueen, a veritable one-man fire-fighting army. Not only will players have to guide Rosco throughout the burning tower, but they'll also have to rescue the innocents, destroy the robotic creatures, and put an end to Sylvester's maniacal ways once and for all.

Rosco McQueen Firefighter Extreme features 15 levels of third-person platforming action. Played from an over-the-shoulder perspective, players will guide Rosco through burning rooms filled with innocent hostages, power-ups, and secret items. It is advised that players move with extreme caution as there's a host of hazards including backdrafts, flame-overs, dangerous smoke, and electrical fires. There are 12 hazards in all, each taking hose precision and brainpower to overcome.

In addition to the various hazards, Rosco will use his trusty axe to dismantle his enemies and break down locked doors. While the fearless firefighter is rescuing hostages and hosing down the flames, he'll need to be on the lookout for any bombs. Those pesky A-Bots are bomb crazy; they're placing the destructive devices all over the place. Players are also required to keep an eye on the temperature. If a room gets too hot, the sirens will sound and the game will end.

Rosco will come in contact with a variety of special weapons and items to aid in his quest. There's a variety of small and large water canisters, a super-hose that replenishes the water supply, food items, and a CO2 cartridge that puts out fires and freezes the opposition. So what are you waiting for? Get in there and save the day by dousing the fires!