Rugby 2004 (Playstation 2)

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Game disc only in case - no manuals - used

Product Information
Experience the intensity and excitement of rugby in Rugby League 2004. Sound recorded from real-life league matches adds to the realism of this Sony PlayStation 2 video game. In addition, changes in weather, time of day, and the possibility of injury further immerse players into this sports game. The play is made more lifelike with the use of NRL supplied data to give the competitors genuine abilities and skills. Play in the single game mode and have the opportunity to assign up to eight friends to either of the two teams and compete together in the match. Rugby League 2004 also offers a competition mode that allows the player to choose from NRL, Super League, State of Origin, City/Country, International Tri Series, Trans Tasman Test Series, and World Club Challenge competitions. Enhance the experience in this sports game with the ability to customize players, teams and competitions. This Sony PlayStation 2 video game gives the opportunity to play in 25 different stadiums and hear the voices of the sports commentators. Put rugby skills to the test with Rugby League 2004.