Rugrats Royal Ransom (PS2)

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The Cartoon Network's baby contingent finds itself in a real pickle in Rugrats: Royal Ransom, as Angelica has usurped control of Stu's Play Palace 3000 and intends to make the 'Rats her personal servants. Choosing from Tommy, Chuckie, Kimi, Phil, or Lil, players select from three skill levels (Baby Easy, Rugrat Medium, or Reptar Tough) and tackle a multitude of challenges in eight rich worlds (snow, jungle, undersea, Arabian, circus, dinosaur, moon, and medieval) before storming the ransomed castle. The nine areas contain nearly two-dozen unique challenges ranging from races to treasure hunts.

Collecting Reptar Funny Money lets players buy additional mini-games and multiplayer games, which must be unlocked by completing the main challenges. Purchases are made from an ATM, which also offers other goodies like additional characters to play, secret funny money, and silly sounds that change the sound effects of the regular game. Ten two-player multiplayer games feature a variety of races (boat, airplane, moon buggy, and sled), tag, target hitting, and snow ball fights. Once purchased, multiplayer games must be saved to an 8MB-memory card prior to playing.