Rumble Racing (Playstation 2)

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Rumble Racing brings fast arcade-style driving to the PlayStation 2, complete with high-resolution graphics, a wide variety of vehicles and tracks, and a healthy sense of humor. This title is something of a sequel to EA SPORTS' NASCAR Rumble and, though it does not feature the real-life drivers and licenses of that 2000 release, it offers the same arcade-style, collision-prone, over-the-top action in which the only rule is that the first car across the finish line wins.

Beyond the high-speed racing and demolition derby aspects of the game, players can perform stunts in their tricked-out custom vehicles for extra points and thrills. The game features 20 different vehicles in all, with some special tricked-out rides that must be unlocked through feats of skill. There are four modes of play and two virtual racers can hit the tracks together in cooperative or competitive battles. Rumble Racing offers television-styled replays and commentary by accomplished voice-actor Jess Harnell, whose talents are also featured in NASCAR Rumble.