Run Like Hell.

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The story of RLH: Run Like Hell, a sci-fi survival horror title from developers Digital Mayhem, unfolds aboard the hapless Forseti Space Station. After accompanying one of the facility's scientists on a brief mining operation, Captain Nick Connor returns to find the station overrun by an infestation of hostile alien creatures. With most of the crew having been slaughtered by the marauding invaders, Nick takes it upon himself to eliminate the extraterrestrial threat, while rescuing any remaining survivors, and hopefully, discovering what has become of his fiancé, Samantha Reilly. Making his way through the station, Nick will stumble upon a handful of allies, who'll provide him with weapons, items, and information.

Brutes and Cutters -- large, hulking beasts and smaller, sharp-clawed fiends, respectively -- form the bulk of the alien forces that Nick will encounter during his travels. Instead of heeding the title's cowardly but apt advice, players can square off against the aliens using shotguns, pulse-rifles, missile launchers, and nitrogen-based weapons, among others. Moving about the Forseti will require the acquisition of passcodes, often found by searching a slain crewmember's body, to be used on the many locked doors that permeate its construction. Health items, such as drinks and snacks, can be obtained from vending machines located throughout the station. Among the various helpful items to be found are computer chips that can be used to perform weapon upgrades, which yield an increased damage quotient for particular weapons or increased clip size.

Providing the necessary impetus for your quest are cut-scenes that detail the interactions between crewmembers as well as significant plot events. In-game voices featured in many of these scenes are provided by famous genre actors such as Lance Henriksen, Michael Ironside, and Kate Mulgrew. Mini-game events, some in the form of Shenmue-like QTEs, momentarily break players away from the third-person action. One such interlude requires players to press the corresponding face button in order to duck under, jump over, or otherwise avoid objects in your path.