Rush Down (Playstation 1)

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Enjoy the great outdoors without leaving your house in Rushdown. The game features kayaking, mountain biking, and snowboarding as you attempt to finish each outdoor course as quickly as possible. Three modes of play have you competing against yourself, a friend, or the computer. Arcade involves weaving down each course, trying to reach various checkpoints before time expires. Championship is a race against a single computer opponent on the three events comprising a circuit. If you manage to beat your rival's overall time for the three events, you'll advance to the next continent and challenge another racer.

Travel across the globe to compete in Africa, Europe, America, Asia, and Japan. Choose one of four 3D characters and their equipment for each event. Kayaks, snowboards, and bikes are all individually rated in speed, handling, and grip, so you'll be able to select a model that suits your playing style before racing. Proud of the way you thrashed the opposition? Records for each course are saved to memory card along with names. Rushdown also features Dual Shock Analog Controller support, instant replays, 13 music tracks from six French bands, and an option to play a friend on either a horizontally or vertically split screen.