Rygar The Battle of Argus (Wii)

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Tecmo's 3D update to Rygar swings onto Wii as an enhanced remake of 2002's PlayStation 2 game. Once again players are cast in the role of legendary warrior Rygar as he fights mythological beasts and foes throughout locales inspired by Ancient Greece. The island of Argus has plunged into chaos with the abduction of Princess Harmonia at the mighty hands of the Titans. Equipped with a multipurpose shield called the Diskarmor, Rygar sets out to free Princess Harmonia from captivity and restore peace to his home.

As Rygar advances through shrines, coliseums, and mysterious labyrinths, he will develop new moves and abilities. Rygar can learn to slide to squeeze through narrow passageways, stomp on enemies or objects, and push or lift items. The Wii Remote is used to throw the Diskarmor at enemies, or to grapple onto objects and swing across chasms. Attacks involve stringing together multiple gesture-based controls, and Rygar can power-up his magical shield to improve its offense as well as defense.

Rygar can also call upon the help of familiars to assist in battle, such as Cerberus or a Siren, to burn or to freeze enemies. Up to four relics can be acquired and attached to the Diskarmor to increase Rygar's attributes or grant him new abilities. As players advance through levels by breaking various magic seals and defeating enemies, they must defeat a series of towering boss characters until Princess Harmonia is found. In addition to motion-sensing controls, Rygar on Wii features a redesigned hero in the spiky-haired spirit of Japanese anime.