Scene It? Bright Lights! Big Screen! (Wii)*

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Released in the 2009 holiday season, Scene It? Bright Lights! Big Screen! is a game show-styled trivia contest, featuring more than 2,800 questions based on contemporary and classic cinema. Players compete to provide the most correct answers to a series of questions and brain-teasers, which are often based on video clips or stills taken directly from feature films. After watching a sequence from a famous movie, players may need to choose the next line spoken, for example, or recognize the events taking place in a movie by quickly studying a freeze-frame of the action. The Bright Lights! Big Screen! edition of the game uses 23 categories of questions and puzzles. As in earlier Scene It? games, available for use on standard DVD players as well as on home computers and consoles, the controls are extremely simple; the challenge is in recognizing the scenes and remember the characters or events hinted in the question. In Bright Lights! Big Screen!, which is designed especially for play on consoles, players can choose movie-themed outfits and props to customize the avatar character that represents them in the game.