Seek and Destroy (Playstation 2)

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Set in a futuristic world of Quewar, two opposing factions, Q-stein and the Proton Kingdom, have been battling for supremacy for years using steel beasts (tanks) of great power. In Seek and Destroy, players take the side of the losing Proton Kingdom forces in the campaign game, selecting from 15 tanks that feature "very slight" differences at the beginning. Three difficulty settings (easy, middle, and hard) are available when playing against the computer, solo play is offered in Destruction mode, and two-player action is also supported.

Although the war is fought in a future world, tank types include German, United States, Russian, British, and a few others. As missions are completed, up to 100 parts and weapons, including shells, lasers, sub-weapons for the body and turret, engines, radar, armor, and camouflage paint (plains, forest, desert, snow, urban) become available for customization of tanks. Eight types of arenas (normal, battle cross, water, low, forest, blockhouse, small, and wild) and 16 mini-games with specific restrictions and customization rules make up the various battle modes in Seek and Destroy.

As tanks are acquired, they're displayed in a virtual Museum; thus collecting is part of the motivation. Gameplay in one-player Destruction mode lets you test skills with no imposed time limit by blowing up as many tanks as possible before being destroyed. Tanks and parts available in this mode are restricted, and data saved from playing the regular game can't be used in Destruction mode. Towns in the game can be destroyed building by building, but certain facilities, such as garages, shops, and heliports, as well as inhabitants, can be useful.